“Suits are expensive , but you need at least 2 for the placement season“ says Ganesh Shashank. The 24 year is completing his MBA from Management Development Institute  (MDI) Gurgaon, & he has a job already – with Spencers Supermarkets. Here he talks about how to dress for interview success.

“ I have two suits , both Peter England, one in charcoal grey and one in dark blue . People sometimes wear black, but I prefer not to . Black is supposed to be a colour of authority ,and as a trainee that is a colour I would avoid .  The other thing to be careful of while choosing your suit is the fabric . Avoid anything with stripes or indentations of any kind . The fabric should be a good mix of cotton and polyester too much cotton and it will crease , too much polyester and it may have a shiny look . The ideal combination would vary from suit to suit, but you have to look at the fabric in natural light and see that it doesn’t have a shine .

As far as shirts go, standard readymade shirts in pastel colours are fine. I have a white, sky blue and a very light pink . The standard brands like Raymond, Peter England , and Van Heusen. The important thing here is that short sleeves should be long enough and at least half an inch should be visible outside the jacket sleeve.

Ties should be plain wherever possible . Though some management institutes do have a logo. Bright colours are ok but they should fit in with the entire look- for example Donald Trump does wear a bright red tie, but the overall look is still formal .

Shoes are important . I wear Oxford shoes, with no beading or work on them. I always make sure they are polished properly because otherwise the leather gets scuffed and has all these whitish marks which look terrible .

Here’s the complete list

2 suits @ Rs.12,000 each           Rs.24,000

3 formal shirts @ Rs.1500 each  Rs.   4500

2 ties                                             Rs.  1500

1 pair black shoes                        Rs.   1200

Total                                              Rs.31,200

PS – Buying a blazer ( Approx Rs. 5000 ) and matching it with a pair of trousers ( Rs.2000) will get you the entire ensemble for Rs.7000 . This is cheaper than paying Rs.10,000 or 12,000 for a basic Raymond/Park Avenue or Peter England suit. But blazer trouser combinations don’t always work . I would advise buying suits instead.