Holidays are a time for fun, but it also makes you wonder where you are heading in terms of your career. I binge watched ‘Entourage’ only to have an existential crisis . And then decided to save my life by heading for a career fair .

It had been advertised in the Times of India the day before and promised lots of interesting workshops . At noon, when I entered the Sahara Star conference rooms on the 3rd floor, where the fair was, there must have been at least 200 visitors. But it didn’t feel crowded and the registration was easy. There were lots of stalls mostly of private educational institutes. One  called Book Exchange Club of Mumbai caught my eye. Full of all sorts of books –  best sellers, joke books and research papers too . The man there, who had set up the club 4 years ago, told me I could take one . I didn’t have a book to exchange, but he said I could do that later . So I walked out with ‘The King of Torts’. Thank you Book Exchange, I will look out on Facebook for your meets  and be back soon with a book for you !

book exchange

From John Grisham to a  workshop on photography by Mulchand Dhedia . One and half hours of hacks, of tips on angles , lightning and shooting of portraits with a smartphone. How to use  apps like Aviary and Photo blur to pep up a picture . Also speaking  at the workshop was 21 year old Kavan Antani  Co-founder, Indifolio group – a Behance kind of platform.  He made a convincing case for the importance of learning coding for a career in  design. I googled him later on and was impressed by all he seems to have achieved .

Who can resist the lure of a film making workshop ? As an Economics student at St Xaviers, Mumbai it is safe to say I will not be making films for a living . But it is a multimedia world and the workshop on the art of film making beckoned. Conducted by Kunal Punjabi & Reema Sengupta , the two talked about the lesser known aspects of film making . Film making is more than just actors they said – there is a whole crew – with specialists in pre-production, post production that includes dubbing , coloring effects . Basic but interesting. The workshop ended energetically , with a dance . A hall full of over a 100 students jiving to the beat of Zalimma from Raees ! The first time I was part of a flash mob ! Fun ! And Instagram @kunvarsohal- here I come  !

By Kunvar Sohal

Second year student at St . Xaviers, Mumbai