In a society divided into 5 different factions based on human virtues, what makes you different makes you dangerous. Take the test to find out what you are made of ’ . It’s irresistible. 10 questions and it tells you your strengths.

If you’ve read the book or watched the movie,  you’ll know that the action in  Divergent  starts with an aptitude test. Will Tris get to join the Dauntless faction with its  bravery , Erudite with its brains,  Abnegation with it’s self sacrifice or some other ? It takes a test to find out  and determine her life .

Closer to real life, can an aptitude test help you understand what you are good at? Can it help you choose your career and your life ?  Some say yes, some say no. But there’s no doubt that despite the disagreement, it is a productive exercise.

So which test do you do ? 

The classic Myer Briggs, the left brain right brain test, the Holland Occupational test ? If you are interested  The Test Book by Mikael Krogerous & Roman Tschappler is a good place to start.

“Tests are as old as humanity, and there are four fundamental questions that we have never stopped asking :’Are you guilty?’, ‘Are you able?’, ‘Who am I?’ and ‘Am I sick?’ “ the authors tell us , before they go onto their compilation of 64 different tests. Read this book, and try the tests.

Or try the Amcat , started by MIT alumnus Varun Aggaawal and IIT Delhi Alumnus Himanshu Aggarwal. Like Amrita Koul and others like her, take it to know yourself and land a job too!